Jason Greschuk: How to Find Your Success and Happiness

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Jason Greschuk: How to Find Your Success and Happiness

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“Your vision is going to compel people to want to work with you.” – Jason Greschuk

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So many times people build businesses for the wrong reason. They set out to focus on financial gain without a goal in site, or a purpose to what they are doing.

Both of these things are very important. If you want to have freedom in your life, you really need to know your finances. You need to know that number you need in order to achieve the freedom you want.

On top of that, you need to know what problem you are trying to solve for people. Knowing this will help you find your purpose. It’s important to know YOUR purpose, not someone else’s. If you aren’t pursuing that then people are either going to find out that you are a fake, or you are going to achieve burnout.

It’s this relationship of finding your goal and your purpose that will put you on the path to happiness and success.

On this episode of Your Results Radio we are joined by an expert in helping people find their end goal, Jason Greschuk.

Jason is a business owner and real estate entrepreneur in Winnipeg, Canada. He has been involved in business since the age of 13.

Formally, his background is in business at I.H. Asper School of Business but his real schooling took place on the streets in the game of entrepreneurship.

It is a game that he loves and a game that brings out the best in him. It is a way for him to be mentored and to mentor others. It gives him a way of self-expression and an opportunity to serve. It gives him an opportunity to test limits, have faith, provide for his family, enjoy his team, and work for a cause.

Listen to this episode to find our all about finding your purpose, happiness, and end goal.

“I want to combine an extreme skill with an irrational love of people.” – Jason Greschuk

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  • A paradigm shift is a realization of what you can do, and what is possible.
  • Concentrate on the things you were born to do.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for people around you that are good at what you aren’t.
  • Are you building a business that gives you the freedom you want?
  • You have to know your numbers to make decisions.
  • Set a goal for where you want to be, financially, to give you the freedom you want.
  • Ask yourself what problem you are solving for people.
  • In your off hours you have to strengthen your vision.
  • You vision has to be meaningful to you or you will be found out or you will burn out.
  • Don’t see things and everyone as a number.
  • Learn to appreciate your failures as a learning experience.
  • Take responsibility for yourself.
  • Don’t seek out failure, but embrace failure.
  • If someone has what you want, you should listen to what they have to say.

“You can’t fully appreciate yourself unless you learn to forgive yourself.” – Jason Greschuk

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Show Notes: YourResultsRadio.com/25