Dwayne Klassen – Dreams Happen Because Opportunities Exist

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Dwayne Klassen - Dreams Happen Because Opportunities Exist

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“If you have a dream, the universe has given you that because there is an opportunity.” – Dwayne Klassen

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Do you ever look at your bank account and feel like the numbers you see are too small? That means you’re probably in the wrong place in life.

You need to find your purpose, and run with it. Most importantly, you can’t give up. Making your dreams and goals come true take a lot of work, and it starts out feeling very stagnant.

Most people consider the road to being an entrepreneur to be like a hockey stick. It starts out flat, and feels like you aren’t going anywhere for a while. You don’t really see growth, but when it happens it happens fast.

You just can’t give up before that growth happens, but always be ready for the moment it does.

On this episode of Results Radio we are joined by Dwayne Klassen. Dwayne is the creator of the Remarkable Man Project, and an amazing coach for men who are ready and willing to ask for help.

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“Most of our programs are born out of something that wasn’t great to hear or experience.” – Dwayne Klassen

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  • The entrepreneur journey is shaped by a hockey stick.
  • Most people give up before vertical growth begins.
  • There is a current and energy in money.
  • You trade energy for money.
  • If your bank account isn’t where you want it to be, they you’re not where you’re supposed to be.
  • Don’t carry around old programming.
  • Reality doesn’t really exist, it just is.
  • It’s important to be authentic, and be real.
  • Dreams happen because there are opportunities, like every problem has a solution.
  • Having a coach can show you how big you are, and how small your obstacles are.
  • A coach will keep you on path.
  • Wherever you are at, look for an opportunity to change.

“If you want to be that remarkable man the you know you have in yourself – it’s a journey.” – Dwayne Klassen

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Show Notes: YourResultsRadio.com/14