Darren Jacklin: Building Business Relationships in Person

Results Radio
Results Radio
Darren Jacklin: Building Business Relationships in Person


“I don’t compete, I just dominate the space.” – Darren Jacklin

Many people want to hide behind a computer and get rich. That’ll only get you so far.

The truth is you need to build real relationships in person.

Most deals aren’t made online, at least not the big ones. The biggest deals are always made between to people, one on one.

Social media is a tool, and can get you to that face to face interview. If you are serious about being an entrepreneur and not just doing it as a hobby, you can’t be afraid to get out there. Do whatever it takes to get face time with your potential customers and investors.

On this episode of Results Radio we are joined by one of the most inspirational people I know: Darren Jacklin.

Darren was told he was special, and not in a good way. He was put on drugs like ritalin and told he would be everything but a success, because he didn’t follow the rules.

As it turns out the rules you learn in school aren’t what it takes to be successful. They teach you how to be a mindless robot.

Listen to this episode today to learn how Darren went from rags to riches, and preserved even when everyone else doubted him.

“I feel scared every day, and I use that as fuel and inspiration to move me forward.” – Darren Jacklin


  • Fear does not live in action.
  • Technology is just one tool.
  • Are you serious or is this just a hobby for you?
  • Treat life and business as a game.
  • Behavior never lies.
  • Most people get stuck in process, not execution.
  • Strangers have what you want, need, and desire.
  • The biggest deals don’t happen on social media.
  • Build the network of people before you lead them.
  • You need someone who will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.
  • Your team doesn’t work for you, you work for them.
  • You need to go to people who already have the experience.